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'Joliet' Jake Blues
Elwood Blues
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Mrs. Tarantino: Are you the police?
Elwood: No, ma'am. We're musicians.

Police Chief: [after his car flies over a hill and lands in a truck] What car are we?
Trooper: Five-five.
Police Chief: [to the CB radio] Hi! This is car fifty-five...and...uh, we're in a truck!

[Held up by a Nazi parade]
Jake: [To a patrolling officer] Hey, what's going on?
Police Officer: Ah, those bums won their court case so they're marching today.
Jake: What bums?
Police Officer: The ****ing Nazi party.
Elwood: Illinois Nazis!
Jake: I hate Illinois Nazis.
[The Blues Brothers promptly drive through the parade, forcing the Nazis to dive into the river].

[Jake and Elwood are arguing about the new Bluesmobile]
Jake: What is this?
Elwood: What's what?
Jake: (pause) This car. This stupid car. Where's the Cadillac? (Throws cigarette lighter out the window) The Caddy, where's the Caddy?
Elwood The what?
Jake: The Cadillac we used to have! The Bluesmobile!
Elwood Traded it.
Jake: You traded the Bluesmobile for this peice of shit?
Elwood: No ... for a microphone.
Jake: A microphone? [Pause] Okay, I can see that. But what the hell is this?
Elwood: I picked it up at the Mount Prospect police auction last spring. It's an old Mount Prospect police car. They were practically giving them away.
Jake: Well thank you, pal. The day I get out of prison, my own brother comes to pick me up in a police car.
Elwood You don't like it?
Jake (Very long pause) No, I don't like it.

[The Bluesmobile has just jumped an open drawbridge.]
Jake: Car's got a lot of pickup.
Elwood: It's got a cop motor, a 440-cubic-inch plant. It's got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. So what do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?
Jake: Fix the cigarette lighter.

[Again, at Chez Paul, talking in foreign accent] You! How much for your wife? Ha ha ha ha ha!

[At the Chez Paul restaurant, talking in fake foreign accent] How much for the little girl? Your women - how much for the women? The little girl your 2 daughters, sell them to me, SELL ME YOUR CHILDREN!

[During a car chase in a mall] ...disco pants and haircuts...

[During a car chase in the parking lot of a shopping mall] You want out of this parking lot? OK!"

[During same car chase inside a shopping mall] The new Oldsmobiles are in early this year.

[On surviving an exploding phone booth] Hey, Jake. Gotta be at least seven dollars worth of change here.

[Same car chase, after Elwood says baby clothes] This place has got everything!

[Start of the song "Everybody Needs Somebody"] We're so glad to see so many of you lovely people here tonight. And we would especially like to welcome all the representatives of Illinois's law enforcement community who have chosen to join us here in the Palace Hotel Ballroom at this time. We do sincerely hope you all enjoy the show, and please remember people that no matter who you are and what you do to live, thrive and survive there are still some things that make us all the same. You, me, them, everybody, everybody!

[To the "Chic Lady", Twiggy, in the Jaguar at the gas station, and affecting fake Chicago accent] You want I should wipe the dead bugs off the windshield, ma'am?

First, you trade the Bluesmobile in for a microphone. Then, you lie to me about the band. Now, you're about to get me put back in the joint on the very day I just got out!