Dorothy: Oh God, they hurt him. Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey. Hold me. Hold me. Hold me. Oh God. My secret love.
Mrs. Williams: I called for an ambulance and the police are on their way.
Dorothy: Don't get the police. STOP IT. I LOVE YOU. LOVE ME. He put his disease in me. Tell me it's all right. I opened myself to you. Tell me it's all right, all right.
Jeffrey: Sandy...please. Sandy.
Mrs. Williams: I'll get a coat to put on her.
Sandy: Jeffrey, what's going on here?
Jeffrey: I'll tell you.
Dorothy: They have hurt his head.
Jeffrey: Who, Dorothy?
Dorothy: Don. Help him. Help him. Promise me you'll HELP HIM. He put his disease in me.
Jeffrey: I should go.
Sandy: Go.
Jeffrey: ...Sandy? [She slaps him in the face]
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