Blades of Glory

Blades of Glory quotes

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Chazz Michael Michaels
Jimmy MacElroy

"We didn't even get to second base.... well, maybe I did...."

"We love you, Denver!! City by the bay.... John Denver!!"

"Who are you going to believe? A little girl or Jimmy MacElroy??"

"Whoever invented rope was a real a-hole."

"You smell like a winner. You smell like USA!!"

Get that damn bird out of my face before I break its neck!

[Leaving a message on Jimmy's answerphone] "Hey, turdface. I've just taken every single one of your teddy bears and I've stuffed them down my pants!!"

[Standing next to Chazz Michael Michaels] "Oh my gosh, I'm getting sick. You smell like aftershave and taco meat!!"

[The title of a book of poetry he published] "Let Me Put My Poems In You."