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Black Sheep (1996)

[on stage making a fool of himself] That's one small step for man! One giant... I have a dream!

Black Sheep is a 1996 film about a gubernatorial candidate that hires a wormy special assistant whose only job is to make sure the candidate's well-meaning but incompetent brother doesn't ruin the election.. There's one in every family.

Governor Tracy: I have heard the voice of the voters and the voters said...
[Mike is screaming for help while hoisting by his underwear on a satellite dish] Governor Tracy: ...Holy Shit!

Drake: I'm not far from dragging you out of the car and beating you to dust.
Steve: You should work up to that, kinda leaves you nowhere to go.

Mike: Come on, Roger, let me talk to Al it can only take a minute.
Roger: "Al, doesn't wanna speak to you.
Mike: What do you mean Al doesn't wanna speak to me? Why?

And so he says, "Rectum? Damn near killed'em!"

Boy, I could sure use some cupcakes or peanut butter cups right now.

[on stage making a fool of himself] Voting kicks ass right! Cause, uh, if voting kicks ass, you got some kick ass shit!

Are you or are you not the Black Angel of Death?

We've all been screwed by Governor Tracy, and now, I'm going to screw her!

[holding onto a small plant on a steep hill] Oh, thank you, little roots! Please stay strong (Root quickly givesand Mike falls to the foot of the mountain.) What in the hell was that all about!?

There's no access for you in this quadrant.

[a bat flies out at them] Steve: What the heck is that?
Mike: Ah! It's Ozzy Osborne!

Horse shit!