Black Sheep

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Black Sheep (1996)

[on stage making a fool of himself] That's one small step for man! One giant... I have a dream!

[on stage making a fool of himself] Voting kicks ass right! Cause, uh, if voting kicks ass, you got some kick ass shit!

Drake: I'm not far from dragging you out of the car and beating you to dust.
Steve: You should work up to that, kinda leaves you nowhere to go.

Governor Tracy: I have heard the voice of the voters and the voters said...
[Mike is screaming for help while hoisting by his underwear on a satellite dish] Governor Tracy: ...Holy Shit!

Mike: Come on, Roger, let me talk to Al it can only take a minute.
Roger: "Al, doesn't wanna speak to you.
Mike: What do you mean Al doesn't wanna speak to me? Why?

Boy, I could sure use some cupcakes or peanut butter cups right now.

And so he says, "Rectum? Damn near killed'em!"

Are you or are you not the Black Angel of Death?

[the roof has blown off the house and it begins to hail all over Mike who is in the top bunk] Steve: Hey Mike, 'I got dibs on top' Ha ha.
Mike: Shut up!
Steve: Ha ha ha ha ha.
Mike: Why don't you shut up?
Steve: Heh heh, 'Hello Washington'. Ha ha ha.
Mike: SHUT UP!

There's no access for you in this quadrant.

We've all been screwed by Governor Tracy, and now, I'm going to screw her!

[holding onto a small plant on a steep hill] Oh, thank you, little roots! Please stay strong (Root quickly givesand Mike falls to the foot of the mountain.) What in the hell was that all about!?

[a bat flies out at them] Steve: What the heck is that?
Mike: Ah! It's Ozzy Osborne!

Horse shit!