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Mitsuko Souma
Shogo Kawada
Shuya Nanahara
Teacher Kitano

And so our compulsory education was coming to an end.

I don't know what that means!

No matter how far, run for all you're worth. Run!

Life is a game, so fight to survive, and find out if you're worth it!

So today's lesson is... you kill each other off 'til there's only one left. Nothing's against the rules.

If you hate someone, you take the consequences.

As you can see, these two are pretty dangerous.

Its hard when your friends die on you, but hang on there!

Here's your list of friends in the order they died.

The last one... Cookies sure were good.

What's wrong with killing? Everybody's got their reasons.

I just didn't want to be a loser anymore...

You just have to fight for yourself. That's just life...

There's a way out of this game. Kill yourselves together, here, now. If you can't do that, then don't trust anyone... just run.

Pot-lid and binoculars, whaddya want?