Shogo Kawada quotes

There's a way out of this game. Kill yourselves together, here, now. If you can't do that, then don't trust anyone... just run.

Pot-lid and binoculars, whaddya want?

Kyoichi Motobuchi: X equals the opposite of b over 2a...
Shinji Mimura: When we escape, it will be together.
Shinji Mimura: Ijima! Ijima!
Keita Ijima: (laughs) When we escape, it'll be together.
Hiroki Sugimura: I've been in love with you for a long, long time...
Kayoko Kotohiki: (cries) What am I supposed to do now?
Mitsuko Souma: Die.
Takako Chigusa: Come at me. Every inch of me will resist you!
Shinji Mimura: How did we get chosen?
Teacher Kitano: By impartial lottery.
Shinji Mimura: Another.
Teacher Kitano: Yes?
Shinji Mimura: Why are you making us do this?
Teacher Kitano: It's your own damn fault.
Yoshitoki Kuninobu: Shuya!
Shuya Nanahara: Nobu!
Shuya Nanahara:How do you know how to treat her?
Shogo Kawada:My dad was a doctor.
Noriko Nakagawa:This food is delicious.
Shogo Kawada:Of course it is, my dad was a cook.
Shuya Nanahara:You know how to steer a boat as well?
Shoga Kawada:Yep, my dad used to be a fisherman.

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