Balto quotes

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Muk and Luk

I have the keys to the city. [Disables hinge and pushes open door]

Aw, come on. What's the worst that can happen?

[Muk is calling for Boris] How sweet. "Uncle Boris."

Hi. Look, uh -- just a shot in the dark, but I was wondering if, uh, I don't know, maybe you'd like to go chase a few sticks by moonlight, heh, heh... [Sighs]

Boris, did you ever think, maybe you're the reason the other geese fly south?

Balto, get your slobbering mouth off me!

I'm a delicate country bird. I hate going into town.

Why do I let you talk me into these things?

You are putting me down now, Mr. Golden Retriever?

When will you learn to stay on the sidelines?!

Not a dog. Not a wolf. All he knows is what he's not. If only he could see what he is.

He has point, bears. You are not drowning because, if you will pause one moment, you will observe, perhaps, TIDE IS OUT!

What, more whimpering? Between you and Balto, it's like Dostoyevsky novel around here.

[To Balto] If only your feet were as fast as your mouth.

You will be frozen stiff by morning. When you are big frozen-stiff statue named Balto, don't come running to me