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Sylvie: Say something about her new collar before she gets whiplash.

Dixie: [About Steele] He's going to save the entire town. He's positively mag... nesium!

Nikki: Oh great, things are not bad enough. Now we got wolves.

Nikki: Come on Balto, youse can make it.

Dixie: Steele, you are positively dis... posable!

Grandma Rosy: Thank you, Balto. I would have been lost without you.

Balto: Come on, we don't want to miss the finish.
Boris: Oh, that would be a tragedy.
[Balto runs off, throwing Boris into the snow]
Boris: I was being sarcastic.

Steele: Didn't make the team... Bingo?
Boris: Don't listen to him. Don't look at him. Live a long life.
Balto: My name's Balto.
Boris: But you can call him "idiot."

Sylvie: That's because Jenna is running with Balto. She was seen in the boiler room the other night with Balto. And they went in together, and they left together, and I heard it all from a very reliable source, and don't bother to deny it.
Jenna: Well, then I won't.
Sylvie: [Gasps] I'm speechless.

Balto: Wish me luck!
Boris: Luck? I don't wish you luck; I wish you SENSE! [Quietly] Good luck, Kiddo.

Star: They should build a statue of him!
Kaltag: You said it!
Star: I did?

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