The Awful Truth

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Daniel Leeson
Jerry Warriner
Lola Warriner
Lucy Warriner

Sa-ayy wait a minute! Don't anybody leave this room! I've lost my purse. [the purse is found between the cushions] Oh, well, am I relieved.

So you two are gonna be married. I was glad to hear that. I said to myself, 'That Leeson's just the man for Lucy.'

Well, I'm gonna be tanned and Lucy's not gonna be embarrassed. And what wives don't know won't hurt them.

Well, if we haven't had the most terrible time. Armand's car broke down last night a million miles from nowhere and we had to stay at the nastiest little inn you ever saw. No modern conveniences at all. It was dreadful. We were on our way home from the Junior Prom. A pupil of Armand's invited us. And, oh well, it's a long story.

What in the world was Dad ever doing with a football?...Of course I remember. Pop loved Princeton. He was there nearly twenty years. If ever a man loved a place, he did - he just adored it. And he certainly kept it looking beautiful. You've seen the grounds, of course?