Lola Warriner quotes

[to Mrs. Vance, about Jerry] We call him Jerry the Nipper. He likes to sneak 'em when nobody's looking. So cute about it too. I've seen him go along a whole evening and apparently not have a thing to drink and all of a sudden fall flat on his puss.

What in the world was Dad ever doing with a football?...Of course I remember. Pop loved Princeton. He was there nearly twenty years. If ever a man loved a place, he did - he just adored it. And he certainly kept it looking beautiful. You've seen the grounds, of course?

I was working my head off at the Virginia Club but the minute he started doing better, you know what I mean, why he made me give up my job and, uhm, take a trip to London and Paris and uh, I think that was pretty swell, don't you? was a little act, kind of uh, well, it's a little hard to explain.

Sa-ayy wait a minute! Don't anybody leave this room! I've lost my purse. [the purse is found between the cushions] Oh, well, am I relieved.

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