Dr. Evil: [with coffee on his nose] Frau Farbissina, Wie geht es Ihnen? (How are you)
Frau: Sehr gut, Herr Doctor. (Very good, Doctor.)
Dr. Evil: How are things?
Frau: I have come to embrace the love that dare not speak its name. To my right is my lover. [reveals tough female] We met at the LPGA Tour. Her name is Unibrou. [Unibrou reveals her one-eyebrow]
Dr. Evil: Right on. Welcome Unibrou.
[Number Two looks around as if he thinks they're crazy]
Frau: Doctor, you, uh... [points to the nose]
Dr. Evil: What, what?
Frau: You've got a...little milk-nose...mustache.
Dr. Evil: [looks at himself in a mirror] I know, I know. I meant to. That's how we drink it in Belgium. It's called a Belgian Dip.
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