[Mole's digger breaks down.]
Audrey: I don't get it. I just tuned this thing up this morning...
[Audrey climbs into vehicle and throws random bolts and pipes out.]
Audrey: [from inside digger] It looks like the boiler's shot. I'm gonna have to pull a spare from one of the trucks.
Milo: Uh, could I just...
Audrey: ¡No toques nada! I'll be right back [walks away]
[ Milo grabs Audrey's wrench and begins turning valves, then hits it. The vehicle starts again.]
Audrey: Hey, what'd you do?
[Milo starts raving on about how the boiler is like the Smithsonian's]
Audrey: Yeah, yeah, thank you very much.
[Audrey spins around to face milo, her hand clenched in a fist. Milo flinches]
Audrey: Two for flinching.
[Audrey punches Milo twice. Mole laughs at him.]
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