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Captain Benjamin L. Willard
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I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That's my dream. It's my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor ... and surviving.

Roxanne: The war will still be here tomorrow.

Lt. Carlsen: You're in the asshole of the world, Captain!

What the hell do you know about surfing, Major? You're from god damned New Jersey.

Zap em' with your sirens, man! Zap em' with your sirens!

Have you ever thought about any real freedoms? Freedom from the opinions of others...even from the opinions of yourself?

They'd traded in their horses for choppers, and went tear-assing around 'Nam looking for the shit ...

There's mines over there, there's mines over there, and watch out those goddamn monkeys bite, I'll tell ya.

If I say it's safe to surf this beach, Captain, then it's safe to surf this beach!

Roxanne (after asking if Willard will go back to America after the war and he replies no): Then you are like us; your home is here.

Dialectic logic is there's only love and hate, you either love somebody or you hate them."

We use Wagner. My boys love it. It scares the hell outta' the slopes.

One through nine, no maybes, no supposes, no fractions. You can't travel in space, you can't go out into space, you know, without, like, you know, uh, with fractions – what are you going to land on – one-quarter, three-eighths? What are you going to do when you go from here to Venus or something? That's dialectic physics.

You're neither! You're an errand boy sent by grocery clerks....to collect a bill.

Charlie didn't get much USO. He was dug in too deep, or movin' too fast. His idea of R&R was cold rice and a little rat meat. He had only two ways home: death or victory.