Amazing Grace (2006)

Amazing Grace (2006) quotes

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Barbara Wilberforce
John Newton
Pitt the Younger
William Wilberforce

Perhaps we should begin this journey with a first step.

Remember that God made men equal.

Trouble is, Doctor, he doesn't believe he has a body. Utterly careless of it.

Well I would have been bored by botany.

You still have passion! That matters more!

You wake me up to give me medicine to help me sleep?

You're discussing politics with your eyes. You might as well do it with your mouths.

[after Pitt beats him running] It's my ministerial duty to let you win.

[on his deathbed] No more excuses, Wilber. Finish them off.

[through tears] I'm weeping. I couldn't weep till I wrote this.

[to Lord Fox] You always look more at home when you're doing something devious.