William Wilberforce quotes

I want you to remember that smell... remember the Madagascar... remember, God made men equal.

Oh, if the House of Lords could hear the idiotic way we carry on, they'd ban anyone under the age of 30 from holding high office again.

Remember that God made men equal.

Also, Barbara and I have discovered that we're both impatient and prone to rash decisions. But she wants to tell you about it herself.

I bow to my friend in all superior matters regarding the pox.

In my heart I want spider's webs!

Perhaps we should begin this journey with a first step.

[after Pitt beats him running] It's my ministerial duty to let you win.

God has set before me two great objects.

It's only painful to talk about because we haven't changed anything.

You wake me up to give me medicine to help me sleep?

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