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And our credo, "Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc" — "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us". Not just pretty words.

Grandma: Dinner's gonna be late. [She goes outside.] Here, boy! Here, boy!

Margaret: This is always so embarrassing. Why did I marry you?
Tully Alford: Because I said yes.

Wednesday, play with your food!

Thing, you're a handful.

Don't torture yourself, Gomez. That's my job.

Gomez, last night — you were unhinged. You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me. [pause] Do it again!

[looks for something in a closet.] Uncle Nick-Nack's winter wardrobe. Uncle Nick-Nack's summer wardrobe. Uncle Nick-Nack.

They say she danced naked in the town square, and enslaved a minister! But don't worry. We told Wednesday, "college first."

We danced the Mamushka while Nero fiddled, we danced the Mamushka at Waterloo. We danced the Mamushka for Jack the Ripper, and now, Fester Addams, this Mamushka is for you.

That's the spirit, Thing! Lend a hand!

They say that a man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. And with God as my witness, I am that fool!

2, 10, 11. Eyes, fingers, toes!

I'm a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else.

Fester: Three parts dynamite, with a nitroglycerin cap. It's perfect for small homes, carports and toolsheds.