A Nightmare on Elm Street

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Freddy Kreuger
Nancy Thompson

Marge: What are dreams, anyway?
Dr. King: Mysteries. Incredible body hocus-pocus. Truth is we still don't know what they are or where they come from.
Marge: [after a brief moment] What happened? That needle sank like a rock.
Dr. King: She's entering deep sleep now. Heart rate's a little high due to anxiety, but otherwise she's nicely relaxed. All normal. She could dream at any time now. Right now she's like a diver on the bottom of an ocean no one's mapped yet. Waiting to see what shows up.

Marge: You didn't sleep, did you? The doctor says you have to sleep or you'll--
Nancy: Go even crazier?
Marge: I don't think you're going crazy, and stop drinking that damn coffee.

Nancy: [about Freddy's hat, that she brought back from her dream] His name is even in it, written right in here: Fred Krueger. Fred Krueger! You know who that is, Mom? You better tell me, cause now he's after me!
Marge: Nancy, trust your mother for once. You'll feel better as soon as you sleep.
Nancy: Feel better?! You call this feeling better?! Or should I grab a bottle and veg out with you. Avoid everything happening to me by just getting good and loaded.
[Marge slaps her]
Marge: Fred Krueger can't be after you, Nancy. He's dead! Fred Krueger is dead. Dead and gone. Believe me, I know. Now go to bed. I order you, go to bed.
Nancy: You knew about him all this time, and you've been acting like he was someone I made up!
Marge: You're sick, Nancy. Imagining things. You need to sleep, (picks up bottle of gin) it's as simple as that.
Nancy: (throws bottle of gin onto floor) Screw sleep! (runs to front door)
Marge: Nancy!
Marge: Nancy!It's only a nightmare!
Nancy: That's enough! (exits door)

Glen: You ever read about the Balinese way of dreaming?
Nancy: No.
Glen: They got a whole system they call "dream skills". So, if you have a nightmare, for instance like falling, right?
Nancy: Yeah.
Glen: Instead of screaming and getting nuts, you say, okay, I'm gonna make up my mind that I fall into a magic world where I can get something special, like a poem or song. They get all their art literature from dreams. Just wake up and write it down. Dream skills.
Nancy: And what if they meet a monster in their dream? Then what?
Glen: They turn their back on it. Takes away its energy, and it disappears.
Nancy: What happens if they don't do that?
Glen: I guess those people don't wake up to tell what happens.