Nancy Thompson quotes

[about Tina] She dreamed this would happen. She had a nightmare about somebody trying to kill her last night. That's why we were there, Mom. She was afraid to sleep alone.

[to Glen] I asked you to do just one thing. Just stay awake and watch me. Just wake me if it looked like I was having a bad dream. And what did you do, you shit? (hits Glen's knee) You fell asleep.

I'm into survival.

[to Glen] Whatever you do, don't fall asleep.

[to Marge] His name is even in it, written right in here! Fred Krueger. Fred Krueger! You know who that is, Mom? You better tell me, cause now he's after me!

[preparing to sleep] Okay, Krueger, you bastard. We play in your court.

[to Freddy] Come out and show yourself, you bastard.

[to Freddy] Hey, can't catch me!

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