Daniel as Announcer: And now, Santa Booze
Gwen as Darien: Oh Falcon, I'm so afraid. When they find I've taken you out of the hospital, mother and Dr. Griffin Hartley are sure to come here. What will we do?
[Gerhardt pulls Gwen across his hospital bed]
Gerhardt as Falcon: If I can't be without you-
Gwen: [Whispering] --with you.
Gerhardt as Falcon: It I can't be with you, I would rather be dead.
[They kiss passionately. Gerhardt pushes her away]
Gerhardt as Falcon: Oh, but dear God, the tiny clusters of tumors in my brain!
Gwen as Darien: Oh God, the tiny little clusters of tumors in his brain, somebody help! Oh, God!
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