Written on the Wind

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Kyle Hadley
Lucy Moore Hadley
Marylee Hadley
Mitch Wayne

[to Lucy] Kyle's probably arranging to buy you the hotel, a stretch of the beach and a slice of the Gulf Stream.

My sidekick...He's eccentric. He's poor...Mitch is just a country boy. The kind of assets he's got you can't buy with money.

Young Kyle: Bet you can't throw that far, Mitch.
Young Marylee: Mitch can do everything better than you, Kyle.
Young Kyle: Shut up, Marylee.
Young Marylee: Throw it, Mitch. You made it, Mitch!
Young Kyle: Last one across is a rotten egg.
Young Mitch: Hey, what's that purple stuff on your lips?
Young Marylee: Mulberry juice. Looks like lipstick, doesn't it?
Young Mitch: Yeah, sure does.
Young Marylee: Mitch? Am I beautiful?
Young Mitch: Uh-huh.
Young Marylee: Do you love me?
Young Mitch: Sure, you're my girl.
Young Marylee: When we grow up, you'll marry me, won't you, Mitch? I love you so much.

Me and my darling sister - we pushed Dad down the stairs.

[to Kyle] I took a sudden dislike to the suite...Oh, it was beautiful at first glance. Then I thought how ugly it would be - in the morning.

He [his father] wanted me to grow up with Mitch...Mitch's old man is my dad's boyhood pal -- his idol, I guess. A small rancher -- kind of a legend in our country. A great hunter, sort of a throwback to Daniel Boone. I used to wish he was my father...Dad's a big man -- so big that he and I know I can't fit his shoes, or even come close to him.

[to Lucy] I'm...sorrier than I've ever been in my whole sorry life.

I can think of much better things than making small talk.

[after being shot] What are we doing here, Mitch?...Let's go down to the river where we belong. I'll be down at the river, waiting, waiting.

[to Lucy] Not to play, but to work, to behave like, like Tom, Dick, and Harry. I-I'd ask you for dates, take you to lunches, to the movies. I'd be happy with a good night kiss. I'd think seriously about all the things I used to laugh at, like having a wife and a home and kids. Right now, there's one thing you don't have to suppose. I'm in love with you. So much so that I want to marry you.

Somebody tried to kill me...My best friend.

[to Lucy] Oh, there's a man for you - or for me, rather. Kyle starts something. Mitch finishes it for him. Kyle falls on his face. Mitch picks him up. Kyle steals. Mitch takes the blame. And there you have the secret story of Kyle Hadley and his electric personality.

Lucy, you decent? Lucy, are you dec---? [realizing she has left] I guess she was.

It's easy to talk like this when you're 6,000 feet above the big poker table...Down there, I'm a guy with too many chips. I throw 'em up in the air and a few land on my shoulders. Hellfire, they'd be disappointed if I didn't behave like a playboy -- didn't end up like my uncle.

I'm in love with a woman that happens to be Kyle's wife...Strictly one-sided.