Written on the Wind

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Kyle Hadley
Lucy Moore Hadley
Marylee Hadley
Mitch Wayne

[to Lucy] I can't keep holding back how I feel about you, Lucy. How I've felt ever since the first day we met. I'm in love with you.

[to Kyle] I took a sudden dislike to the suite...Oh, it was beautiful at first glance. Then I thought how ugly it would be - in the morning.

[to Jasper] I know all about his anxieties and fears. You can forget about the pistol. Kyle threw it in the ocean.

[to Mitch] You do care about me, don't you?

I'm allergic to politeness.

[to Lucy] Oh, there's a man for you - or for me, rather. Kyle starts something. Mitch finishes it for him. Kyle falls on his face. Mitch picks him up. Kyle steals. Mitch takes the blame. And there you have the secret story of Kyle Hadley and his electric personality.

[about Kyle and Lucy] It can't last much longer...There's only so much a woman can do, and no more.

I can think of much better things than making small talk.

Mitch Wayne was there - in the study with my brother. Kyle had a gun in his hand. He was raving mad, raving about things that weren't so. Mitch tried to talk to him, to make him understand how wrong he was, to stop him from using the gun. Afraid he might even use it on himself. I made a grab for the gun. Kyle and I struggled. The gun went off....Whatever he may have said, means nothing. Except he was worried about Kyle, as a brother for a brother...(Kyle)...was depressed by Father's sudden death and he'd been drinking...My brother always drank too much. He was sad, the saddest of us all. He needed so much and had so little.

Dan Willis: [to Kyle] If I were one of the richest men in the world, I wouldn't be sitting in a place like this drinking raw corn...I'd be over at the country club, drinking bonded bourbon. Nothing but...

Lucy: [To Mitch] Just what do you do for the Hadley Oil Company?
Kyle: [interrupting] We're troubleshooters. Wherever they want trouble, they send for us.
Mitch: I, uh, have a sheepskin that says I'm a geologist.
Kyle: ...I was kicked out of the same school. They found rocks in my head.

Lucy: I'd like to get off the merry-go-round.
Kyle: Once we get up in the blue, I'm a different fella, a lot different from this character. I wouldn't admit this to anyone but you, but I drink too much.

Lucy: Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. It's an adventure. It's exciting.
Mitch: Are you looking for laughs? Or are you soul-searching?
Lucy: The latter, I guess. I think I'm beginning to know Kyle - and to like him.
Mitch: Well, in that case, I'm glad.

Lucy: I was tempted.
Kyle: Was it easy to overcome?
Lucy: Yes, you made it easy.
'Kyle: How, by throwing my money at you?
Lucy: No. No, it wasn't that.
Kyle: What, then?
Lucy: It was the ride. 'Up in the blue' as you call it.
Kyle: Talked too much, didn't I?
Lucy: No. It was good talk. Only something happened to me, something as unexpected as the things you told me. I tried to tell myself it was, I don't know, sympathy, compassion. But it was more.