Dorothy: Why, it's a man. A man made out of tin!
Tin Man: [squeaking]
Dorothy: Did you say something?
Tin Man: [squeaking]
Dorothy: He said "oil can."
Scarecrow: Oil can what?
[Dorothy squirts oil onto the Tin Man and his arm loosens and falls]
Dorothy: Did that hurt?
Tin Man: No, it feels wonderful. I've held that axe up for ages.
Dorothy: How did you ever get like this?
Tin Man: Well, about a year ago, I was chopping that tree, when suddenly it began to rain. And right in the middle of a chop, I rusted solid. Been that way ever since.
Dorothy: Well, you're perfect now.
Tin Man: Perfect? Bang on my chest if you think I'm perfect. Go ahead, bang on it.
[Dorothy bangs on his chest, and it resonates loudly]
Scarecrow: Beautiful! What an echo!
Tin Man: It's empty. The tinsmith forgot to give me a heart.
Dorothy & Scarecrow: [in unison] No heart?
Tin Man: No heart. All hollow.
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