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When I get my share of the gold, twenty five hundred dollars worth, I'll tell you where four cases are. The others are waiting for me back at the wagon. If I don't show up pretty quick, they'll blow it...The quicker I get back, the quicker you get the next load...Up the arroyo about two miles, you'll find three cases of rifles and one case of ammunition hidden in the bush.

Dutch: What's our next move?
Pike: Well, I figure Agua Verde's the closest... three days maybe. Then get the news and drift back to the border. Maybe a payroll, maybe a bank.
Dutch: Maybe that damn railroad.
Tector: That damn railroad you're talkin' about sure as hell ain't a-gettin' no easier.
Sykes: And you boys ain't a-gettin' any younger either.
Pike: We've got to start thinkin' beyond our guns. Those days are closin' fast.

Dutch: At least we won't have to worry about Deke Thornton.
Pike: Hell, no; not after ridin' a half a case of dynamite into the river.
Sykes: Well don't expect him to stay there. He'll be along and you know it.

Pike: This was gonna be my last. Ain't gettin' around any better. I'd like to make one good score and back off.
Dutch: Back off to what? Have you got anything lined up?
Pike: Pershing's got troops, spread out all along the border. Every one of those garrisons are gonna be gettin' a payroll.
Dutch: That kind of information is kind of hard to come by.
Pike: No one said it was going to be easy but it can be done.
Dutch: They'll be waitin' for us.
Pike: I wouldn't have it any other way.
Dutch: Pike, I wouldn't have it any other way either.

Pike: You boys want to move on or stay here and give him a... decent burial?
Tector: He was a good man, and I think we oughta bury him.
Pike: He's dead. And he's got a lot of good men back there to keep him company.
Lyle: Too damn many.
Dutch: I think the boys are right. I'd like to say a few words for the dear, dead departed. And maybe a few hymns'd be in order. Followed by a church supper. With a choir.
Lyle: You crazy bastards. Both of ya.

Thornton: Tell me, Mr. Harrigan. How does it feel gettin' paid for it? Gettin' paid to sit back and hire your killin's with the law's arms around you? How does it feel to be so god-damned right?
Harrigan: Good.
Thornton: You dirty son-of-a-bitch!
Harrigan: You've got thirty days to get Pike, or thirty days back to Yuma. You're my Judas goat, Mr. Thornton. I want all of them back here, head down over a saddle.

Pike: I don't know why the hell I didn't let them kill you.
Angel: Listen, I'm not going to steal guns for that devil to rob and kill my people again.
Dutch: Noble, noble. Very noble.
Sykes: I didn't see no tears roll down your cheeks when you rode in from Starbuck.
Angel: Ah, they were not my people. I care about my people, my village. Mexico!
Sykes: Listen boy, you ride with us, your village don't count. If it does, you just don't go along.
Angel: Then I don't go along.
Dutch: Angel, one load of guns ain't gonna stop 'em raidin' villages. Well, you oughta be thinkin' about all the money you're gonna have.
Pike: Buy 'em a ranch. Move 'em a thousand miles. Buy 'em two, three ranches.
Dutch: One, a very small one.
Angel: Don't you see? This is their land. And no one is gonna drive them away.
Sykes: I'll drink to that sentiment. And to love. But most of all, I'll drink to gold.
Pike: Angel, you're a pain in the ass.
Angel: Would you give guns to someone to kill your father or your mother or your brother?
Pike: Ten thousand cuts an awful lot of family ties.
Angel: My people have no guns. But with guns, my people could fight. If I could take guns, I would come with you.
Dutch: Hey, um, how many cases of rifles did Zamorra say was in that shipment?
Pike: Sixteen.
Dutch: Well, give him one.
Pike: All right. One case and one case of ammo. But you give up your share of the gold.
Angel: I will.
Pike: We know you will.

What I like and what I need are two different things.

Pike: Sharin' up will be the same as always.
Lyle: Well, me and Tector don't think that he [points at Angel] oughtta get the same amount. He's just startin' out and this is mine and Tector's openin' for a new territory!
Tector: That's right, and I figure a share to that old goat [points at Sykes] for watchin' them horses is damn sure a share too much!
Lyle: So we decided. It ain't fair.
Pike: If you two boys don't like equal shares, why in the hell don't you just take all of it? Well, why don't you answer me, you damn yellow-livered trash!...I don't know a damn thing, except I either lead this Bunch or end it right now.

This is our last go-around, Dutch. This time, we do it right!

She had a husband. If I'd had any sense, I'd have killed him. He wasn't around. I got careless. One night, he walked in on us. Got her with the first shot. Got me here with the second. Then the damned coward turned and ran. There isn't a day or an hour that passes that I don't think about it.

You think Pike and old Sykes haven't been watchin' us. They know what this is all about - and what do I have? Nothin' but you egg-suckin', chicken-stealing gutter trash, with not even sixty rounds between you. We're after men, and I wish to God I was with them. The next time you make a mistake, I'm gonna ride off and let you die.

Pike: Any trouble, no guns for the General.
Herrera: Ha, ha, ha. Very smart. That's very smart for you, damn gringos. So nobody can rob the guns.
Pike: Nobody.
Herrera: I am not afraid. They are not afraid. You blow up the wagon, you die. Or we kill you pretty soon. But we are amigos.
Dutch: Show 'em boys.

Pike: With the way the Generalissimo's cleaned out this part of the country, he ought to have a lot to spare.
Dutch: Eh, Generalissimo, hell. He's just another bandit grabbin' all he can for himself.
Pike: Like some others I could mention? [laughs]
Dutch: Not so's you'd know it, Mr. Bishop. We ain't nothin' like him. We don't HANG nobody. I hope someday these people here kick him and the rest of that scum like him right into their graves.
Angel: We will. If it takes forever.

Harrigan: You stupid damn fools. Why did you shoot this employee and let the others get away?
Thornton: The next time you better plan your massacre more carefully or I'll start with you!
Harrigan: Why didn't you kill Pike when you had the chance?