Sally: Joe and I broke up.
Alice: What?
Marie: When?
Sally: Monday.
Alice: You waited three days to tell us?
Marie: You mean Joe's available?
Alice: Oh for God's sakes Marie don't you have any feelings about this? She's obviously upset.
Sally: I'm not that upset, we've been growing apart for quite a while.
Marie: But you guys were a couple, you had someone to go places with, you had a date on national holidays.
Sally: I said to myself, "You deserve more than this, you're thirty one years old..."
Marie: And the clock is ticking.
Sally: No, the clock doesn't really start to tick until you're thirty six.
Alice: God you're in such great shape.
Sally: Well, I've had a few days to get use to it, and uh...I feel OK.
Marie: Good. Then you're ready. [takes out a rolodex]
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