Man: We were married forty years ago. We were married three years, we got a divorce. Then I married Margerie.
Woman: But first you lived with Barbara.
Man: Right, Barbara. But I didn't marry Barbara I married Margerie.
Woman: Then he got a divorce.
Man: Right, then I married Kitty.
Woman: Another divorce.
Man: Then a couple of years later at Atticalicio's funeral, I ran into her. I was with some girl I don't even remember.
Woman: Roberta.
Man: Right, Roberta. But I couldn't take my eyes off you. I remember I snuck over to her and I said... What did I say?
Woman: You said, "What are you doing after?"
Man: Right. So I ditched Roberta, we go for a coffee, a month later we were married.
Woman: Thirty five years today after our first marriage.
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