Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American Summer quotes

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Can Of Vegetables
Caped Boy

"Arty, I need you to take a shower... 'Cause your parents are coming tomorrow. I don't want to get in trouble... Cause you haven't taken a shower once yet this summer... Arty, take a shower. You're covered in dirt."

"I want you inside me!"

"Ok, stop! I feel like I'm watching regional theatre, you guys! God, am I in the Cleveland Playhouse or something? Your craft is a muscle, you need to exercise it! Take a break! Think about what you've done."

"McKinley, four lower campers are stuck in the ropes course. I meant to tell you about that yesterday, but could you get to it now?"

Katie: Well, I just wanna spend some time with you, you know? It's our last day at camp.
Andy: My butt itches.
Katie: What are you talking about. Hey, we're soulmates right?
Andy: What? Yeah, whatever, if you want... J.J. save me a waffle man!

Andy: You French great.
Lindsay: You're not so bad yourself, Mr. Man.

Lindsay, you've got barbecue sauce all over your face... It's pretty foul.

**** you, dyke!

Henry: Hey Beth, like the new look. Tres chic
Beth: Thank you, Henry...
Henry: Please, call me Henry.
Beth: Okay, Henry it is.

J.J.: He gets so uncomfortable whenever we talk openly about sexual issues. You know he's never been with a girl before.
Gary: McKinley needs to experience "The Ultimate" And I think you know what I'm talking about.
J.J.: You mean, penis-in-vagina?
Gary: No, dickhead. Sex.

Lindsay: Hey, what'cha writin on?
Andy: My gurnal. I write my thoughts in it every day.
Lindsay: Oh, you mean a journal?
Andy: Yeah, whatever. Guess I'm not all smart like you.

You taste like a burger. I don't like you anymore.

Mallrat Girl: There's got to be another way.
Cure Girl: Maybe we should just let them all die.
Mork Guy: No! My friend Jimmy's in there!
Cure Girl: You have a friend?
Mork Guy: I'm kidding.