Sack: Trapster, it's Sack.
Trapster: Sackmaster! How was the wedding?
Sack: Oh, it was boring, you know, but the bachelor party, of course, rocked. We got Heidi a couple of those ****ing sluts from the environmental group, remember them?
Trapster: No way! Did you tap that again?
Sack: Once at my place, then once back in the cab.
Trapster: Damn! Sluts! Oh, how's Claire? Still trying to figure out what she's doing with her life?
Sack: Claire? She's, you know, whatever, I don't know. She's saving the world one maladjusted kid at a time. But that'll all change when we're married, 'cause I want a wife. I don't want a ****ing martyr, right?
Trapster: I hear that, my friend.
Sack: Hey, man, listen, l-l-l-I got--do you remember that private detective we used to set up that Shearson Lehman prick?
Trapster: The big sleazy, Tommy Gufano. He's a wop genius.
Sack: Yes. I need you to get some dirt on these two guys John and Jeremy Ryan. They're brothers from New Hampshire. They got some sort of N.P.O. Called "Holy Shirts & Pants."
Trapster: I will check into them.
Sack: Excellent, bro.
Trapster: You da man!
Sack: Take it easy.
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