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Walk the Line

Walk the Line quotes

51 total quotes

Major cast

Reese Witherspoon: June Carter

Joaquin Phoenix: Johnny Cash

Dallas Roberts: Sam Phillips

Ginnifer Goodwin: Vivian Cash

Waylon Payne: Jerry Lee Lewis

Dan John Miller: Luther Perkins

Robert Patrick: Ray Cash

Tyler Hilton: Elvis Presley

Larry Bagby: Marshall Grant

Shooter Jennings: Waylon Jennings

Shelby Lynne: Carrie Cash

[J.R. turns up the radio.]
Young J.R. Cash: Guess which Carter that is.
Young Jack Cash: I don't know, J.R.
Young J.R. Cash: Guess...
Young Jack Cash: Anita?
Young J.R. Cash: Nope...
Young Jack Cash: Who?
Young J.R. Cash: June.

Young J.R. Cash: How come you're so good?
Young Jack Cash: [laughs] I ain't
Young J.R. Cash: You pick five times more than me.
Young Jack Cash: Well, I'm bigger than you are.
Young J.R. Cash: You know every story in the scripture.
Young Jack Cash: Well, you know every song im mama's hymnal!
Young J.R. Cash: Song are easy.
Young Jack Cash: [laughs] It ain't for me.
Young J.R. Cash: There's more words in the Bible than in the Heavenly Highway Hymns.
Young Jack Cash: Look, J.R., if I'm going to be a preacher one day, I gotta know the Bible from front to back. I mean, you can't help nobody if you can't tell the right story.

Young J.R. Cash: They said that by noon today, it's gonna be a hundred and four.
Ray Cash: Every race station is sayin' that to get them ****s off.
Carrie Cash: Ray, why don't you let J.R. take the babies in?
Ray Cash: I told Roz we'd have a crop today. What do I say if he pulls up here and we're shy? You ready to unload that piano?
Carrie Cash: We're not selling Daddy's piano. And I'm not the one in Bartstown drinkin' every Saturday.
[Ray angrily kicks a can.]
Carrie Cash: [continuing to work, singing] Am I a soldier of the cross, And shall I fear...
Young J.R. Cash: [joining in] own His cause, Or speak to blush His name.

Young Jack Cash: [dying] Do you hear them, J.R.? Do you hear them angels?
Carrie Cash: I can hear them, Jack, they're beautiful. They're so beautiful.