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[J.R. turns up the radio.]
Young J.R. Cash: Guess which Carter that is.
Young Jack Cash: I don't know, J.R.
Young J.R. Cash: Guess...
Young Jack Cash: Anita?
Young J.R. Cash: Nope...
Young Jack Cash: Who?
Young J.R. Cash: June.

[Johnny and June are arguing.]
Johnny Cash: You're still not talking to me, June?
June Carter: You're not allowed to speak to me tonight, after that stunt you pulled. The only place you're allowed to speak to me is on stage, do you understand?
Johnny Cash: What did I do?
June Carter: I don't know. Why don't you ask your big fat shadow?
Johnny Cash: Come on, baby.
June Carter: [mocking Johnny] Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby!
[June closes the door in Johnny's face.]

[Johnny and June on stage before an audience, away from mic.]
June Carter: John, I'm not gonna sing that song, it's inappropriate. I recorded it with my ex-husband, and I'm not gonna sing it.
[Johnny signals to start music.]
Johnny Cash: There's no better way to put it behind you.
June Carter: I'm not gonna do it!
Johnny Cash: June, just sing.
[Johnny and June begin a duet.]

[Johnny comes home from jail, and Rosanne is half asleep.]
Rosanne Cash: Hey, daddy.
Johnny Cash: Hey, baby.
Rosanne Cash: Are you okay?
Johnny Cash: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'll see you in the morning.

[Johnny is performing at Folson Prison.]
Johnny Cash: Now, I want to remind you all that we're still recording live today, so you can't say "hell" and "shit" or anything like that!

[June sees Johnny eating peanuts.]
June Carter: Can I have one
Johnny Cash: Yeah.
[Johnny takes a peanut out of the bag and holds it above June's mouth.]
Johnny Cash: Open your mouth...
[June opens her mouth, but Johnny snatches it away and eats it.]
June Carter: John!
Johnny Cash: I'm sorry, I'm sorry... here.
[Johnny takes another peanut out of the bag and holds it over June's mouth.]
Johnny Cash: Open your mouth... Open your mouth...
June Carter: No... I don't trust you...
Johnny Cash: Oh, June, don't say that...
June Carter: I don't...
Johnny Cash: Yes, you do... now open your mouth...
[June opens her mouth, but Johnny snatches away the peanut from her again.]
June Carter: [playfully hits Johnny] John, you are a mean man! You are a mean man, and I knew it... I knew it all along...

[last lines]
Johnny Cash: Why don't you tell them about the flood? Tell 'em about how you made a boat out of the front door and got us all out of there. They'll like that.
Carlene Carter: Tell us!
Johnny Cash: Cone on tell 'em. You got to pull the string tight.
Ray Cash: It was 1937; there was a flood...

[last title cards]
Title card: In 1968, "At Folsom Prison" became one of the most popular recordings of all time, outselling the Beatles.
Title card: That same year, John and June married and settled into the lake home in Hendersonville. Two years later, they had a son, John Carter Cash.
Title card: For the next 35 years, they raised their children, recorded music, toured and played the world together.
Title card: June passed in May 2003. Four months later, John followed.

[repeated line]
Johnny Cash: Hello, I'm Johnny Cash.

[Vivian talks to Johnny, and points to a bag.]
Vivian Cash: That bag over there are letters from ten to one from girls. Ten to one, and there obscene. Reba's been trying to answer some of them, but half of them ain't even fifteen, and they sending pictures of themselves in bathing suits. Pictures for you to look at while you're doing time at Folsom.

Dallas Roberts: Sam Phillips

Dan John Miller: Luther Perkins

Ginnifer Goodwin: Vivian Cash

Joaquin Phoenix: Johnny Cash

Larry Bagby: Marshall Grant