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The world moves for love; it kneels before it in awe.

Guard at Desk: Do not get into conversations.

Lucius Hunt: I am not the one with secrets.
Alice Hunt: What is your meaning?
Lucius Hunt: There are secrets in every corner of this village. Do you not feel it? Do you not see it?

Finton Coin: Thank you, Lucius. You're a good friend.

Lucius: It is cold outside. You ought to go in.
IVY: Why are you on this porch?
LUCIUS: It is not safe.
IVY: There are other porches. Do you find me too much of a tomboy? I do long to do boy things. Like that game the boys play at the stump. They put their backs to the woods, and see how long they can wait before getting scared. That's so exciting. I understand you hold the record. It will never be broken, they say.
LUCIUS: It's just children's games.
IVY: How is it you are brave when all the rest of us shake in our boots?
LUCIUS: I do not worry about what will happen, only what needs to be done.

Lucius Hunt: Sometimes we don't do things, yet others know we want to do things so we don't do them.
Alice Hunt: What nonsense do you speak?
Lucius Hunt: You needn't worry. Nothing will happen to me.
Alice Hunt: You remind me of a colt sometimes.

Who'll pinch me to wake me up? Who will laugh at me when I fall? Whose breath will I listen for so that I may sleep? Whose hand will I hold so that I may walk?

Lucius Hunt: Do you not wish you had your sight?
Ivy Walker: I see the world, Lucius Hunt. Just not as you see it.

[to Lucius] I know why you denied my sister. When I was younger, you used to hold my arm when I walked. Then suddenly you stopped. One day, I even tripped in your presence and nearly fell. I was faking, of course, but still you did not hold me. Sometimes we don't do things we want to do so that others will not know we want to do them.

Ivy Walker: What is your name?
Young Security Guard: Kevin.
Ivy Walker: Kevin, you have kindness in your voice. I did not expect that.

[singing to her sister Kitty] Baby sleep, gently sleep / Life is long and love is deep. / Time will be sweet for thee / All the world to see. / Time to look around and know / How the shadows come and go, / How the breeze stirs the tree, / How the blossoms grow.

Lucius Hunt: You run like a boy.
Ivy Walker: Thank you.

KITTY: I'm in love! I want your permission to marry, Papa!
EDWARD: There's a proper manner in which these things are supposed to happen, such as the boy would normally be standing next to you, in a moment such as this! Where is the BOY in all this, Kitty?!
KITTY: I haven't spoken to him as of yet.
EDWARD: The young man is unaware of your intentions?!

There are different types of love.

Yes, I have risked. I hope I am always able to risk everything for the just and right cause.