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Van Wilder

Well, it is the NAKED mile run; everyone else will be in their birthday suits. Except for that guy...

Write that down.

Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive.

Those circus midgets can NOT hold their booze!

Richard: You do not call her that, Gonad!

Vance Wilder, Sr: Sweet Joesph, my son's a fairy.

Jeannie: It was the greatest ten seconds. Ever.

Applicant: I see a rabbi. And he's performing a circumcision...on himself though.

Van: Blue. It brings out your eyes. Kid's got killer eyes; not unlike yourself. Anyone ever tell you that?
Gwen: Yes, my boyfriend.

Van: Now, repeat after me. No **** pump...
Taj: No **** pump.

Taj: This is the culmination of my being.
Naomi: Baby, I'm about to culminate, now get over here.

Vance Wilder, Sr.: Van is still in school?
Assistant: For the better part of a decade.

Vance Wilder, Sr.: And, schedule in a massage.
Assistant: At the Happy Ending?
Vance Wilder, Sr.: Ah Yes.

Jeannie: This party so rocks, Richard!
Richard: This party sucks rectum, Jeannie!

McDoogle: Ok, Wilder. Let's dance.
Van: It's a good day to die, McDoogle.