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Bud Davis: You have to understand that there some things a girl can't do.
Sissy: Name one.
Marshall: Pissing on the side of a wall, getting laid while your pants are still on...
Sissy: Why would you want to?

Sissy: Uncle Bob wanted you to be happy. Are you happy?
Bud Davis: Hell, yes I'm happy. How about you? Are you happy?
Sissy: Yeah, I finally got what I wanted. I got a real cowboy.
Bud Davis: I finally got what I wanted too. I got myself a real lady.
Pam: Bud, the family car's waiting.
Bud Davis: The family car's waiting.

Wes Hightower: [to Sissy] You can't expect a man like me to be faithful to any woman.

[Bud is upset that Sissy left before he got the rodeo prize.]
Pam: You did it for her; you didn't win it for me.
Bud Davis: Pam, what are you talkin' about? I don't have time for this right now.
Pam: Listen, I'm a shit, but I'm not that big a shit. That day you came home and the house was clean; I didn't do it, Sissy was there. She left you a note asking you to phone her, but I tore it up. I didn't want to lose my cowboy.
Bud Davis: I gotta go.
Pam: Bud, if you ever want to make your wife jealous again; you know where I am.