True Lies

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Albert Gibson
Harry Tasker
Helen Tasker
Juno Skinner
Spencer Trilby

Cool off.


Fear is not an option.

Federal officer in pursuit of suspect, sorry.

Get lost, dipshit.

Harry? Harry? You do not have time to tango, buddy. You copy?

Hey because it's you

I have to lie to women to get laid. And I don't score much. I got a really small dick, it's pathetic.

I married Rambo!

I'm beginning to like this guy. [Harry gives him a mean look] Oh, we've still gotta kill him. That's a given.

I'm going to walk right out the front gate.

It's a scale really, with a perfect mission at one end and a total pooch screw at the other, and we're right about in the middle.

It's called ice and it's a little slick.

Just getting a better look at beavis and butthead.

Kids - 10 seconds of joy, 30 years of misery.