Perceptor: I fear the wounds are... fatal.
Daniel: Prime, you can't die!
Optimus Prime: Do not grieve. Soon... I will be one with the Matrix.
Hot Rod: Prime...
Optimus Prime: Ultra Magnus. It is to you, old friend, that I shall pass the Matrix of Leadership, as it was... passed to me.
Ultra Magnus: But Prime... I'm... I'm just a soldier. I'm not worthy.
Optimus Prime: Nor was I. But one day... an Autobot shall rise from our ranks... and use the power of the Matrix... to light... our darkest hour.
[Prime's chest compartment opens to reveal the Matrix. Awed, the Autobots take a step back]
Optimus Prime: [last words] Until that day...'til all are won.
[Optimus tries to give the Matrix to Ultra Magnus, but it falls until Hot Rod catches it. Hot Rod gives the Matrix to Ultra Magnus, right before Optimus dies]
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