Captain Lennox: Sam, where's the Cube?
Sam Witwicky: [pointing to the ground] Right there!
Captain Lennox: Right! Here, take this flare! Take the Cube, and head to that building! Get to the top, and light a flare! There's some Black Hawks coming! One of them will come to you and get in and take and take the Cube to the authorities!
Sam Witwicky: What? No, I can't do this!
Captain Lennox: Listen to me! You're a soldier now! All right, I need you take this Cube, get it into military hands while we hold them off, or a lot of people are gonna die. [to Mikaela] You got to go, you got to go.
Mikaela Banes: No, I'm not leaving.
Captain Lennox: You need to go.
Mikaela Banes: No, I'm not leaving till I get Bumblebee out of here, okay?
Ironhide: Sam, we will protect you.
Captain Lennox: Epps, where are those planes?
Mikaela Banes: Sam, no matter what happens... I'm really glad I got in that car with you.
Ironhide: Sam, get to the building! Move!
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