[Epps and Glen stare at the gashes in the Allspark chamber]
Tech Sgt. Epps: Whoa. Has Freddy Krueger been in here?
Glen Whitmann: Naw, man! Freddy Krueger's got four blades, that's only three! That's Wolverine! [growls and laughs] Right, that's Wolverine? [Epps looks very unimpressed]
Agent Simmons: That's very funny. [Glenn falls slient, offended] Does anyone have any mechanical devices? BlackBerry, key alarm, cell phone?
Glen Whitmann: I got a phone. [hands it to Simmons]
Agent Simmons: Nokias are real nasty. You gotta respect the Japanese; they know the way of the Samurai.
Maggie Madsen: Nokia's from Finland.
John Keller: Yes, but he's, uh... [quietly] you know, strange. He's a little strange.
[Simmons flips a switch, shooting electricity into the box; the cellphone transforms into a well-armed miniature robot that starts shooting at the box with a gatling gun]
Agent Simmons: We're able to harness the Cube's radiation and funnel it into that box. Mean little sucker, huh?
Maggie Madsen: That thing is freaky!
Agent Simmons: Kinda like the itty-bitty Energizer Bunny from Hell, huh?!
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