Sam Witwicky: What is Sector 7? Answer me!
Agent Simmons: I'm the one who asks questions around here. Not you, young man!
Mikaela Banes: How did you know about the aliens?
Sam Witwicky: Where did you take my parents?
Agent Simmons: I am not at liberty to discuss this. [Sam takes his ID] Hey, you touch me, that's a federal offense.
Sam Witwicky: "Do whatever you want and get away with it badge", right?
Agent Simmons: Great, brave now all of a sudden with all of your alien friends here.
Sam Witwicky: Where's Sector 7?!
Agent Simmons: [sneers] Wouldn't you like to know?
[Behind him, Bumblebee pops an oil filter and leaks lubricant on Simmons]
Agent Simmons: HEY!!
Optimus Prime: Bumblebee, stop lubricating the man!
Agent Simmons: Get that thing to stop, huh?!
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