[Sam asks the Autobots to keep quiet]
Optimus Prime: Autobots, fall back.
[The Autobots move away from the house]
Ratchet: Move!
Ironhide: Get away!
Optimus Prime: What's the matter with you?! Can't you be quiet? He wants us to be quiet!
Ratchet: [runs into the powerline] OW!! [siren goes off, trips and falls; the house starts shaking]
Ron Witwicky: Earthquake! Move, move, move, MOVE!! Earthquake! Judy, get under the table! Move it! Duck and cover, right now!
Judy Witwicty: [not moving] How did you get over there so fast??
Ratchet: [slightly giddy] Wow, that was tingly! [tries to get up, strains] You got to try that!
Ironhide: [sarcastically] Yeah, that looks fun.
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