Glen Whitmann quotes

Maggie!... No! This is my private area, my place of Zen and peace.



That killer robot is really distracting!

So I downloaded a couple thousand songs off the Internet! Who hasn't?! Who hasn't?!

[To FBI agent during interrogation] Hey man, I'm still a virgin.

[while he and Maggie are being arrested by the FBI] Get off the carpet! My grandmama don't like anyone on her carpet, especially police!

[while he and Maggie are in the interrogation room] You want that piece? [reaches for last donut] Okay, Maggie, look. Let me break it down to you how it's going to happen. They're going to come through that door, and play good-cop, bad-cop. Don't fall for that, all right? That's why I ate their food. See, they put the plate of donuts out here to test your guilt. If you don't touch it, you're guilty. I ate the whole plateā€”the whole plate, okay? So me and you, they walk through that door, you don't say nothin'.

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