To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief quotes

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Danielle Foussard
Francie Stevens
John Robie
Mrs. Jessie Stevens

[to Hughson] Put your money away, Hughson. You can cheat a little on your expense account.

[to Hughson] You don't have to spend every day of your life proving your honesty, but I do.

[to Robie, about her father] It's because of you he's dead...Get out of here - killer...Murderer!

[to Robie] Did I brush your fur the wrong way?

[to Robie] It must be true what they say. Cats don't like water.

[to Robie] You've got a very strong grip - the kind a burglar needs.

And so to bed where I can cuddle up to my rare and wonderful as they are, I think I'd rather have a hundred thousand Jeremiahs.

I have no more affection for that jewelry than I have for a train ticket that gets me somewhere.

I might even retire here...Quite a few of the roofs need careful examination.

Newspapers have their headlines, all the rich tourists can relax, and you Lepic got your publicity and possibly your commendation from the Paris office.

Palaces are for royalty. We're just common people with a bank account.

Since when is love a crime?

What I can't understand is how this thief can imitate me so perfectly. It has to be someone who knew every detail of my technque. Maybe somebody in the police...He picks perfect victims and only the right stones. Goes up walls, over the roofs, down through the skylights. Leaves no clue and then disappears in the night...If somebody caught this imitator, we'd all be off the hook, wouldn't we?...No one believes me, but the police are chasing the wrong man. Someone's got to start chasing the right one...I've got to catch this imitator myself...I can anticipate him, try to figure out his next move, and then get there ahead of him and catch him with his hands right in the jewel case...The biggest problem is time. I've got to hit this copy-cat before he hears I'm after him. To catch him in the act, I need better information than he has, the kind that takes months to dig out.