Jack Dawson: [referring to Cal] Do you love him?
Rose DeWitt Bukater: Pardon me?
Jack Dawson: Do you love him?
Rose DeWitt Bukater: Well, you're being very rude. You shouldn't be asking me this.
Jack Dawson: Well, it's a simple question. Do you love the guy or not?
Rose DeWitt Bukater: This is not a suitable conversation.
Jack Dawson: Why can't you just answer the question?
Rose DeWitt Bukater: This is absurd. I don't know you and you don't know me and we are not having this conversation at all. You are rude and uncouth, and presumptuous, and I am leaving now. [starts shaking Jack's hand] Jack... Mister Dawson, it's been a pleasure. I've sought you out to thank you, and now I have thanked you.
Jack Dawson: And you've insulted me.
Rose DeWitt Bukater: Well, you deserved it.
Jack Dawson: Right.
Rose DeWitt Bukater: Right. [still shakes Jack's hand]
Jack Dawson: I thought you were leaving.
Rose DeWitt Bukater: [turns to leave] I am. You are so annoying.
Jack Dawson: Ha, ha.
Rose DeWitt Bukater: [turns back to Jack] Wait, I don't have to leave, this is my part of the ship. You leave.
Jack Dawson: Oh ho, ho, well well well, now who's being rude?
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