[Rose is attempting to commit suicide]
Jack Dawson: Don't do it!
Rose DeWitt Bukater: Stay back! Don't come any closer!
Jack Dawson: Come on, just give me your hand. I'll pull you back over.
Rose DeWitt Bukater: No, stay where you are! I mean it! I'll let go!
Jack Dawson: [throws his cigarette into the ocean] No, you won't.
Rose DeWitt Bukater: What do you mean, "No I won't"? Don't presume to tell me what I will and will not do, you don't know me!
Jack Dawson: Well, you would've done it already.
Rose DeWitt Bukater: You're distracting me! Go away!
Jack Dawson: I can't. I'm involved now. If you let go, I'm gonna have to jump in there after you.
Rose DeWitt Bukater: Don't be absurd. You'd be killed!
Jack Dawson: I'm a good swimmer.
Rose DeWitt Bukater: The fall alone would kill you.
Jack Dawson: It would hurt. I'm not saying it wouldn't. To tell you the truth I'm a lot more concerned about that water being so cold. [slowly removing his boots]
Rose DeWitt Bukater: [look down at the water] How cold?
Jack Dawson: Freezing. Maybe a couple degrees over. You ever been to Wisconsin?
Rose DeWitt Bukater: What?
Jack Dawson: Well, they have some of the coldest winters around. I grew up there, near Chippewa Falls. I remember when I was a kid, me and my father, we went ice fishing on Lake Wissota. Ice fishing is you know where you...
Rose DeWitt Bukater: [angrily] I know what ice fishing is!
Jack Dawson: Sorry. You just seemed like, you know, kind of an indoor girl. Anyway, I fell through some thin ice and I'm telling ya, water that cold, like right down there, it hits you like a thousand knives stabbing you all over your body. You can't breathe. You can't think. At least not about anything but the pain. Which is why I'm not looking' forward to jumping in there after you. But like I said, I don't have a choice. I guess I'm hoping you'll come back over the railing and get me off the hook here.
Rose DeWitt Bukater: You're crazy!
Jack Dawson: That's what everybody says. But with all due respect, miss, I'm not the one hanging off the back of a ship here. Come on, give me your hand. You don't want to do this. [Rose turns around and takes Jack's hand] Whew! I'm Jack Dawson.
Rose DeWitt Bukater: Rose DeWitt Bukater.
Jack Dawson: I'm gonna have to get you to write that one down. Come on.
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