Molly: You've got a beautiful swing.
Roy: I'm a beautiful guy.
Molly: Look, Roy, I came to apologize, okay?
Roy: For what?
Molly: You did what I said and I poured cold water over your efforts. I didn't get it. I'm a terrible shrink, probably. Should've stayed in real estate, shit, actually, I should have never left Ohio for that cowboy in Amarillo, but... Have you ever been to Amarillo?
Roy: Cowboy?
Molly: Yeah. It's not as romantic when you're actually with one, trust me. So, the oil man in Dallas or Houston, I don't know where he was from. Anyway, he looked great. After that, I went to the Gulf and ended up in trailer sales. Then condos in Corpus Christi. The bottom, just, boom, fell right out of the market so I needed a new gig.
Roy: A new gig?
Molly: Yeah, therapy. I took all the classes. I'm legitimate. Legal. Certified. ****! I'm certifiable. I'm really sorry.
Roy: Oh, boy.
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