Romeo: You know what I think? She's got you by the huevos.
Roy: Your job is to teach me patience and humility. Don't advise me on love-life. Not all my thinking occurs below the belt. I stand for a few things besides my next romantic interlude.
Romeo: You'll have no trouble telling her you can't teach her until after the Open.
Roy: That'd make an issue out of something that's not an issue. Besides, I'm focused. I am! This is my quest! This is my stand for the guys who've had their fill of soulless robots like David Simms.
Romeo: Well, He may be a soulless robot, but he's a rich, happy, soulless robot... with a beautiful doctor-lady girlfriend. Besides, how's getting in the Open going to change what she thinks about you?
Roy: Well, it'll show her that I'm not who she thinks I am.
Romeo: But you are who she thinks you are!
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