Three Musketeers, The (1993)

Three Musketeers, The (1993) quotes

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Cardinal Richelieu
Milady DeWinter (Sabine)

[to Athos] Bold words. I look forward to ramming them down your throat.

[to Athos] I have become the monster you once thought me to be.

[to Athos] There was a time I would have given my life for a kind word from you.

[to Cardinal Richeleiu] You will never harm another soul ever again. My promise to God.

[To D'Artagnan] Go home. Find a wench. Raise fat babies and have a good, long life.

[to D'Artagnan] One thing is certain, you are no Musketeer! [D'Artagnan strikes Rochefort a lethal blow with his sword] ...I might ...have been mistaken.

[to D'Artagnan] You, a Musketeer? Fantasy!

[to Rochefort] An impressive performance. I especially admired that last touch. All for one and one for all. If I didn't know better I should have thought you wanted them to riot.

[To Rochefort] Rochefort... isn't that a smelly kind of a cheese?

[to Rochefort] You go back and you tell the Cardinal, that we will continue to perform our sworn duty which is to protect the king. And we will use every means within our power to fight him.

Aha! The Cardinal's sacred snack chamber!

All for one... and more for me.

All for one... and one for all.

By joint edict of His Majesty King Louis XIII and His Eminence Cardinal Richelieu, the Musketeers are officially disbanded.

Come, D'Artagnan, we're saving the king!