Mr. Wabash: Why aren't you further along, Mr. Higgins?
Higgins: With the Company, you mean?
Mr. Wabash: You seem perfect for it.
Higgins: Thank you, sir.
Mr. Wabash: Are you perfect for it, Mr. Higgins?
Higgins: I try to be.
Mr. Wabash: Were you recruited out of school?
Higgins: No, sir. The Company interviewed a few of us in Korea. You were with Mr. Donovan's OSS, weren't you sir?
Mr. Wabash: I sailed the Adriatic with a movie star at the helm! It doesn't seem like much of a war now. But it was. I go even further back than that. Ten years after The Great War, as we used to call it. Before we knew enough to number them.
Higgins: You miss that kind of action, sir?
Mr. Wabash: Nope. I miss that kind of clarity.
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