Three Days of the Condor

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Kathy Hale
Mr. Wabash

[to Higgins] Looks good, but, um, I have this friend, and he asked me to give you a message. Quote-- "Dear Mr. Higgins, This will introduce a friend of mine, Sparrow Hawk. Please accompany her to the Nassau Street exit of this place. Now." Personally, I'd do it, because he has this huge gun, and he's looking at us right now. I'll save this for you. Shall we?

Conclude the Condor episode; and without any more noise. We're already visible. Let's not become conspicuous. If company agents aren't enough, use freelance. Use whatever it requires, but end it.

Let's not expect too many mistakes from this man. He does seem rather more interesting than just another of our reader/researchers. For example, has he gone into business for himself? Was he turned around? Does someone operate him? Homosexual? Broke? Vulnerable? Could he be a soldier of fortune? Did he arrange the hit? Is that why he's still in flight? Still, he...may be an innocent. But then, why didn't he come in gently with Mr. Wicks?