Thirteen Days

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Adlai Stevenson
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President John F. Kennedy
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Robert F. Kennedy

Bobby, you go and make them understand. Tell them that we have to have an answer tomorrow... because on Monday, we go to war.

Call me Irish, but I don't believe in cooler heads prevailing.

Communicate with the Soviets? We can't even communicate with the Pentagon. And they're just across the goddamn river.

God damn it! How the god damn hell could this happen? I'm gonna have Powell's head on a platter. Next to LeMay's. Kenny, you hear me give the order to go to defcon 2? 'cos I remember giving the order to go to defcon 3 but er, y'know I must be suffering from amnesia!

I am the commander in chief of the United States, and I say when we go to war!

I don't care how crazy, inadequate or stupid it sounds. Give it to me.

I'll tell you one thing, Kenny. Those brass hats have one big advantage. That is, if we do what they want us to do, there's none of us gonna be alive to tell them they were wrong.

I'll whistle up some luck for you.

I'm an old political cat, Kenny, but I've got one life left.

If one of those ships resists inspection, and we shoot out its rudder, and board it... they shoot down one of our planes, in response. So we bomb their anti-aircraft sites, in response to that... they attack Berlin. So we invade Cuba. And they fire their rockets. And we fire ours.

If the sun comes up tomorrow, it is only because of men of good will. And that's... That's all there is between us and the devil.

Jack, I'm as conniving as they come, but a sneak attack is just wrong.

Mr. President, you give me the order right now, my planes will be ready to carry out the air strikes in three days time. All you gotta do is say "go," and my boys will get those Red bastards.

The 'big Red dog' is diggin' in our backyard, and we are justified in shooting him!

The sun came up. Every day the sun comes up says something about us.