The Time Machine

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Alexander Hartdegen
Main cast

Teacher: If you do that again, I will re-sequence your DNA.

Vox: [an image of himself appears] How may I help you?
[Alexander Hartdegen looks behind Vox]
Vox: Over here.

Come a little closer, I don't bite.

Jeremy Irons ... Uber-Morlock

You're forgetting one thing. What if?

Who are you, to question 800,000 years... of evolution?

Sienna Guillory ... Emma

Orlando Jones ... Vox

You were right, Phillby. We did go too far.

Samantha Mumba ... Mara

Mark Addy ... David Philby

Omero Mumba ... Kalen

Phyllida Law ... Mrs. Watchit

Yancey Arias ... Toren