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Alexander Hartdegen
Main cast

Vox: [an image of himself appears] How may I help you?
[Alexander Hartdegen looks behind Vox]
Vox: Over here.

Hartdegen: My question is why can't one change the past
Vox: Because one cannot travel into the past.

Hartdegen: How did this happen?
Soldier #1: The moon. Come on, move it.
Hartdegen: That's impossible. What happened?
Soldier #1: What, you been living under a rock?
Hartdegen: Yes, I've been living under a rock! Now tell me...
Soldier #1: The demolitions for the lunar colony screwed up the orbit, okay? The moon's breaking up, all right? Now, come on.

Hartdegen: This is a perversion of every natural law!
Uber-Morlock: [grabs him by the throat] And what is time travel? But your pathetic attempted to try to control the world around you!

Vox:(darkly) So, Relic, you want to open Pandora's box, do you? See all the mysteries exposed?
Alexander: Yes.
Vox: And if the truth is so horrible that it will haunt your dreams for all time?
Alexander: I'm used to that.

Guy Pearce ... Alexander Hartdegen

Mark Addy ... David Philby

Phyllida Law ... Mrs. Watchit

Sienna Guillory ... Emma

Orlando Jones ... Vox

Samantha Mumba ... Mara

Omero Mumba ... Kalen

Yancey Arias ... Toren

Jeremy Irons ... Uber-Morlock